After graduating from college, you have taken an important managing position in the prestigious financial firm of "Mary and Lee". You are responsible for all the decisions concerning take-over bids. Your immediate concern is whether to take over "Financial Data". There is no doubt that you will be successful if you are the first to bid and that this will be profitable for the firm and you in the long run. However, you know that there exist another n financial firms, similar to "Mary and Lee", that are also considering the possibility. Although you are likely to be the first one to move, you know that just after a take-over there is a lot of adjustment that needs to be done. In fact, for a period of time following any take-over the successful firm becomes a prime candidate for a take-over which will cost the job of whoever is responsible for take-overs. Among all financial firms it is common knowledge that the managers responsible for take-overs are rational and intelligent. What is your best response?

Takeover Solution

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