The SystemInfoPlugin provides access to lower level system information for the platform PhpWiki is installed on.

 Usage:  <?plugin SystemInfo all ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo pagestats cachestats discspace hitstats ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo version ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo current_theme ?>
      or <?plugin SystemInfo PHPWIKI_DIR ?>


Application name: PhpWiki
PhpWiki engine version: 1.3.11p1
Database: db type: dba, dba handler: gdbm, timeout: 5
Cache statistics: cached pagedata: 2, cached versiondata: 3
Page statistics: 1617 pages, 1580 not-empty pages
User statistics: 0 homepages
Hit statistics: total hits: 657764, max: 122239, mean: 416.306, median: 92, stddev: 20.410; 1576 pages with less than 12223 hits (<10%). 1 page(s) with more than 110015 hits (>90%).
Expiry parameters: Keep up to 8 major edits, but keep them no longer than 32 days. Keep up to 4 minor edits, but keep them no longer than 7 days. Keep the latest contributions of the last 8 authors up to 365 days. Additionally, try to keep the latest contributions of all authors in the last 7 days (even if there are more than 8 of them,) but in no case keep more than 20 unique author revisions.
Wikiname regexp: (?<![[:alnum:]])(?:[[:upper:]][[:lower:]]+){2,}(?![[:alnum:]])
Allowed protocols: http https mailto ftp news nntp ssh gopher
Inline images: png jpg gif
Available plugins: Total 112 plugins: AddComment, AllPages, AllUsers, AnalyseAccessLogSql, AppendText, AsciiMath, AuthorHistory, BackLinks, BlogArchives, BlogJournal, CacheTest, Calendar, CalendarList, CategoryPage, Comment, CreatePage, CreateToc, DeadEndPages, Diff, EditMetaData, ExternalSearch, FoafViewer, FrameInclude, FullTextSearch, FuzzyPages, GoogleMaps, GooglePlugin, GoTo, GraphViz, HelloWorld, HtmlConverter, Imdb, IncludePage, IncludePages, IncludeSiteMap, InterWikiSearch, JabberPresence, LdapSearch, LikePages, LinkDatabase, ListPages, ListSubpages, ModeratedPage, MostPopular, NoCache, OldStyleTable, OrphanedPages, PageDump, PageGroup, PageHistory, PageInfo, PageTrail, PhotoAlbum, PhpHighlight, PhpWeather, Ploticus, PluginManager, PopularNearby, PopUp, PrevNext, RandomPage, RateIt, RawHtml, RdfDefinition, RecentChanges, RecentChangesCached, RecentComments, RecentEdits, RecentReferrers, RedirectTo, RelatedChanges, RichTable, RssFeed, SearchHighlight, SiteMap, SqlResult, SyntaxHighlighter, SystemInfo, Template, TeX2png, text2png, TexToPng, TitleSearch, Transclude, TranslateText, UnfoldSubpages, UpLoad, UserPreferences, UserRatings, VisualWiki, WantedPages, WantedPagesOld, WhoIsOnline, WikiAdminChmod, WikiAdminChown, WikiAdminMarkup, WikiAdminRemove, WikiAdminRename, WikiAdminSearchReplace, WikiAdminSelect, WikiAdminSetAcl, WikiAdminUtils, WikiBlog, WikiForm, WikiFormRich, WikiForum, WikiPoll, _AuthInfo, _BackendInfo, _GroupInfo, _PreferencesInfo, _WikiTranslation
Supported languages: Total of 9 languages: de, en, es, fr, it, ja, nl, sv, zh. Current language: 'en'. Default language: ''
Supported themes: Total of 13 themes: blog, Crao, default, Hawaiian, MacOSX, MonoBook, Portland, shamino_com, Sidebar, smaller, SpaceWiki, wikilens, Wordpress. Current theme: 'default'

PhpWikiDocumentation WikiPlugin

lib/CachedMarkup.php (In template 'browse' < 'body' < 'html'):499: Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference

lib/DbaDatabase.php:134: Warning: dba_replace() [<a href='function.dba-replace'>function.dba-replace</a>]: You cannot perform a modification to a database without proper access