The SyntaxHighlighter plugin passes all its arguments through a C++ highlighter called "highlight" (available at

Author: alecthomas


syntax (required), See
style [ "ansi", "gnu", "kr", "java", "linux" ] (required)
color null (optional), see highlight/themes
number 0 (optional)
wrap 0 (optional)


<?plugin SyntaxHighlighter syntax=c style=kr color=emacs
 #include <stdio.h>

 int main() {


Plugin SyntaxHighlighter failed. sh: highlight: command not found
Plugin SyntaxHighlighter failed. Couldn't start commandline 'highlight --data-dir /usr/share/highlight --style emacs -c /home/puzzle/www/ -F kr -q -X -f -S c'

I did not use beautifier, because it used up more than 8M of memory on my system and PHP killed it. I'm not sure whether this is a problem with my integration, or with beautifier itself.

Fixes by Reini Urban:

PhpWikiDocumentation WikiPlugin

lib/config.php:156: Notice: Undefined variable: accept

lib/CachedMarkup.php (In template 'browse' < 'body' < 'html'):499: Notice: Only variables should be assigned by reference

lib/DbaDatabase.php:134: Warning: dba_replace() [<a href='function.dba-replace'>function.dba-replace</a>]: You cannot perform a modification to a database without proper access