The three columns represent the left bank, the boat, and the right bank respectively. The < or > indicates the direction of motion of the boat.

The fox, the duck, and the corn

fdc . . fc d> . fc < d f c> d f <d c d f> c d < fc . d> fc . . fdc

Three missionaries and three cannibals

mmmccc . . mmcc mc> . mcmc <m c mmm cc> c mmm <c cc mc mm> cc mc <mc mc cc mm> mc cc <c mmm c cc> mmm c <c mmmc . cc> mmmc . . mmmccc

Three humans, one big monkey, two small monkeys (Dudeney, Puzzle-Mine, #164)

HMhhmm . . Hhhm Mm> . Hhhm <M m Hhh Mm> m Hhh <M mm hM Hh> mm hM <Hm hm hm HM> hm hm <Hm hM mm Hh> hM mm <M Hhh m Mm> Hhh m <M Hhhm . Mm> Hhhm . . HMhhmm

Three jealous husbands and their wives

ABCabc . . ACac Bb> . ACac <B b ABC ac> b ABC <a bc Aa BC> bc Aa <Bb Cc ab AB> Cc ab <c ABC b ac> ABC b <B ACac . Bb> ACac . . ABCabc

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