Assume there's such a positive integer x such that x/2=y and y is the reverse of x.

Then x=2y. Let x = a...b, then y = b...a, and

b...a (y)

x 2

a...b (x)

From the last digit b of x, we have b = 2a (mod 10), the possible values for b are 2, 4, 6, 8 and hence possible values for (a, b) are (1,2), (6,2), (2,4), (7,4), (3,6), (8,6), (4,8), (9,8).

From the first digit a of x, we have a = 2b or a = 2b+1. None of the above pairs satisfy this condition. A contradiction.

Hence there's no such integer.

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