Q: What trigraphs (three-letter combinations) occur in only one word?

A: Here is a list of all the trigraphs which occur exactly once in the union of Official Scrabble Words (First Edition), the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and Webster's Unabridged Dictionary (Second Edition), together with the words in which they occur.

The definition of "word" is a problematic. For example, lots of words starting deoxy- contain the trigraph `eox', but no others do. Should `eox' be on the list?

Common words are marked with a *.

aae baaed adq*headquarter headquarters ajs svarajs aqs talaqs bks nabks bze subzero cda ducdame dph*headphone headphones dsf*handsful dts veldts dzu kudzu kudzus ekd*weekday weekdays evh evhoe evz evzone evzones exv sexvalent ezv*rendezvous fhu cliffhung fjo fjord fjords fsp*offspring offsprings gds smaragds ggp*eggplant eggplants gnb signboard signboards gnp*signpost signposted signposting signposts gnt sovereignty gty hogtying gza*zigzag zigzagged zigzagging zigzaggy zigzags hds camanachds hky droshky hlr kohlrabi kohlrabies kohlrabis hrj lehrjahre hyx asphyxia asphyxias asphyxiate asphyxies asphyxy itv mitvoth iwy skiwy ixg sixgun jds slojds jje hajjes jki pirojki pirojki jym jymold kky yukky ksg*thanksgiving kuz yakuza kvo mikvoth kyj*skyjack skyjacked skyjacker skyjackers skyjacking skyjackings skyjacks llj killjoy killjoys lmd filmdom filmdoms ltd*meltdown meltdowns lxe calxes lzy schmalzy mds fremds mfy comfy mhs ollamhs mky dumky mmm dwammming mpg*campground mss bremsstrahlung muo muon muonic muonium muoniums muons nhs sinhs njy benjy nuu continuum obg hobgoblin hobgoblins ojk pirojki okc*bookcase bookcases ovk sovkhoz sovkhozes sovkhozy pev*grapevine grapevines pfs dummkopfs php ephphatha pss topssmelt pyj pyjama pyjamaed pyjamas siq physique physiques slt juslted smk besmkes spb*raspberries raspberry spt claspt swy swythe syg*easygoing szy groszy tux*tux tuxedo tuxedoes tuxedos tuxes tvy outvying tzu tzuris ucd ducdame vho evhoe vkh sovkhoz sovkhozes sovkhozy sovkhos vly vly vns eevns voh evohe vun avuncular wcy gawcy wdu*sawdust sawdusted sawdusting sawdusts sawdusty wfr bowfront wft ewftes xeu exeunt xgl foxglove foxgloves xiw taxiway taxiways xls cacomixls xtd nextdoor xva sexvalent yks bashlyks yrf gyrfalcon gyrfalcons ysd paysd yxy asphyxy zhk pirozhki zow zowie zwo*buzzword buzzwords zzs*buzzsaw

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