Q: Where can I find the source for a quotation?

A: The Quotations Archive

All the quotations that fit the guidelines are stored at a publicly available ftp site: wilma.cs.brown.edu:pub/alt.quotations/Archive. In the future there will be an organized index system. Right now, just the raw postings are available.

The quotes are grouped primarily by subject, but there are indexes by author, keyword, type of source (movie, play, book), and meta-subject (humor is a meta-subject, humor-about-cars is a subject).

Movie and television quotes have a tendency to mean nothing to people who haven't seen the show, and bring back fond memories to people who have. That doesn't make them real quotations, but since they are so popular, a part of the archive will be set aside for these media related quotes.

The index is labeled either ``exact, or ``incomplete. If you can give the exact wording to a quote marking ``incomplete'', please write jgm@cs.brown.edu. We are trying to keep paraphrasing to a minimum.

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