Q: What are some words formed by combining together parts of other words?

A: Such words are called "Portmanteau" words. Here is a very incomplete list
anecdotage anecdote, dotage beefalo beef, buffalo bohunk Bohemian, Hungarian brunch breakfast, lunch bumble bungle, stumble chortle chuckle, snort escalator escalade, elevator fantabulous fantastic, fabulous flabbergast flabby, aghast flare flame, glare flounder flounce, founder gainsay against, say gerrymander Gerry (Massachusetts governor), salamander glimmer gleam, shimmer glitz glamour, ritz glob globe, blob hassle haggle, tussle insinuendo insinuation, innuendo jamboree jam, soiree liger lion, tiger motel motor, hotel smash smack, mash smaze smoke, haze smog smoke, fog squawk squall, squeak squiggle squirm, wiggle tangelo tangerine, pomelo tigon tiger, lion Weejun Norwegian, Injun

Unless noted otherwise, all words occur in Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Springfield, MA, 1961.

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