Mirrors invert front to back, not left to right.

The popular misconception of the inversion is caused by the fact that a person when looking at another person expects him/her to face her/him, so with the left-hand side to the right. When facing oneself (in the mirror) one sees an 'uninverted' person.

See Martin Gardner, ``Hexaflexagons and other mathematical diversions, University of Chicago Press 1988, Chapter 16. A letter by R.D. Tschigi and J.L. Taylor published in this book states that the fundamental reason is: ``Human beings are superficially and grossly bilaterally symmetrical, but subjectively and behaviorally they are relatively asymmetrical. The very fact that we can distinguish our right from our left side implies an asymettry of the perceiving system, as noted by Ernst Mach in 1900. We are thus, to a certain extent, an asymmetrical mind dwelling in a bilaterally symmetrical body, at least with respect to a casual visual inspection of our external form.

Martin Gardner has also written the book ``The Ambidextrous Universe.''

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