Q: What magazines and journals contain puzzles?

A: There's a huge list of problem columns, compiled by Stanley Rabinowitz,


AMATYC (Amer. Assn. of Two Year Colleges) Review, The American Mathematical Monthly

Monthly $32US/year for MAA members Mathematical Association of America 1529 Eighteenth Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20036-1385

Arbelos (full of problems) Bent, The BIT Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications College Mathematics Journal

Five times per year $20US/year for MAA members Mathematical Association of America 1529 Eighteenth Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20036-1385

Consortium Crux Mathematicorum (formerly: EUREKA -- all problems)

$25C/year Dr. Kenneth S. Williams Canadian Mathematical Society 577 King Edward Avenue Ottawa Ontario Canada K1N 6N5

Cubism For Fun

CFF is a newsletter published by the Nederlandse Kubus Club NKC (Dutch Cubists Club). It appears a bit irregular, but around three times a year. Yearly membership fee is now NLG 30.- (Dutch Guilders) which amounts to approximately $ 15.00. Institutional membership is also possible.

Additional Information is available from the secretary
Frits Gobel, Schubertlaan 28, 7522 JS Enschede, The Netherlands, Tel.+31-(0)53-4351949

Delta (Waukesha) Discrete Mathematics EATCS Bulletin Enigma, The

The monthly magazine of the National Puzzlers' League, a nonprofit educational organization founded in 1883. Membership dues are $13 for the first year and $11 yearly thereafter; membership includes a subscription. Add $9 for overseas airmail. Send dues to the treasurer MERCURY Joseph J. Adamski 2507 Almar Jenison, MI 49428

Fibonacci Quarterly, The Games

The best-known puzzle and game publication. A wide variety of puzzles and articles in every issue. Bimonthly $17.97 per year US, $22.97 Canada, $27.97 elsewhere (all prices US) Games P.O. Box 605 Mt. Morris, IL 61054-0605 1-(800)-827-1256 For some time now the same people have produced another bimonthly magazine in the other months. It's now called Games World of Puzzles. It's about the size of Games, but comparable in content to Games's Pencilwise section expanded -- all puzzles, no articles, no ads. One contest per issue. The prices are the same as above except that each 97 becomes 95; the address and phone number are the same except that each 605 becomes 420.

James Cook Mathematical Notes Journal of Algorithms Journal of Automated Reasoning Journal of Recreational Mathematics

A must for anyone interested in recreational mathematics. Quarterly $23.45 per year for US and Canada, $28.30 elsewhere Baywood Publishing Company, Inc. 26 Austin Avenue P.O. Box 337 Amityville, NY 11701

Mathematical Digest Mathematical Gazette, The Mathematical Intelligencer Mathematical Spectrum Mathematics and Computer Education (formerly: The AMATYC Journal) Mathematics Magazine

Bimonthly $16US/year for MAA members Mathematical Association of America 1529 Eighteenth Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20036-1385

Mathematics Teacher, The Ontario Secondary School Mathematics Bulletin Parabola Pentagon, The Pi Mu Epsilon Problem Solver, The PS News PuzzleSIGns

Publication of the Mensa "Puzzle" SIG. This fledgling newsletter contains a variety of puzzles in every issue. Sample issue $1. Quarterly $7 per year for Mensa members, $8 non-members, $10 foreign Chuck Murphy Puzzle SIGns Coordinator 11430 East Palomino Road Scottsdale, AZ 85259

Real Analysis Exchange (only "queries") REC (Recreational & Educational Computing)

Devoted to recreational computing. 8 issues per year $27 per year US, $28 Canada, $36 elsewhere Michael Ecker 909 Violet Terrace Clarks Summit, PA 18411

Science of Computer Programming School Science and Mathematics SIAM Review Technology Review Word Fun

Publication of the Mensa "Fun with Word" SIG, but anyone may subscribe. A variety of wordplay and puzzles; fantastic bargain. Sample issue $.50 stamps per coin (no checks) + business-size SASE. Bimonthly $5 per year US and Canada, $10 elsewhere Jill Conway Rte. 6 3001 Johnson Lane Columbia, MO 65202

Word Ways

An absolutely fantastic journal devoted to recreational linguistics; a must for anyone who loves words or word puzzles. Quarterly $20 per year Faith W. Eckler Spring Valley Road Morristown, NJ 07960

German language:

Berita Matematik Elemente der Mathematik Kvant Matematicko - Fizicki Lijt Mathematik in der Schule Mathematika Tanitasa, A Menemui Mathematik Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde

French language:

Nouvel Archimede, le Revue des Mathematiques Speciales (mostly problems from entrance exams)

Dutch language:


Italian language:

Matematiche, Le

Russian language:

Matematika v Shkole

Scandinavian language:

Normat (formerly Nordisk Matematisk Tidskrift)

Hungarian language: Kozepiskolai Matematikai Lapok (koMaL) Matematikai Lapok (but the problems are stated in English)

Ceased publication:

Graham Dial, The Mathematics Student Journal, The Nabla

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