A first of all, midday B fifth of bourbon, starting block C fifth of scotch D end of the world, back of my hand E end of the line, beginning of the end F starting friction, front G middle of the night, starting gate H end of the earth, top of the heap, middle of nowhere I next of kin J center of project K bottom of the deck, two of a kind L bottom of the barrel, starting line M top of my head N center of attention, final countdown, end run O second in command P bottom of the heap, the first of painters, starting point Q at the front of the queue, top quality R middle of the road, center of inertia S Last of the Mohicans, start of something big T top o' the morning, one's wit's end, bottom of my heart, last, central U second guess V center of gravity W end of the rainbow, top of the world X wax finish, climax Y top of your head, center of the cyclone, early years, final extremity Z led zeppelin

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