Q: For each letter, list homophones that differ by that letter.

o(a)r (a)isle bo(a)rder ho(a)rse le(a)d re(a)d se(a)men lam(b) s(c)ent le(d)ger ad(d) do(e) be(e) bell(e) born(e) by(e) cast(e) flu(e) for(e) laps(e) or(e) pleas(e) waf(f) rei(g)n (h)our c(h)oral wa(i)ve ma(i)ze haj(j)i (k)not (k)nap (k)nave (k)need (k)new (k)nickers (k)night (k)nit bloc(k) ha(l)ve (l)lama prim(m)er dam(n) in(n) can(n)on j(o)ust to(o) call(o)us (p)salter ? car(r)ies (s)cent canvas(s) taro(t) but(t) b(u)y a(u)nt b(u)oy g(u)ild mo(u)rning civ(v)ies t(w)o (w)hole (w)rap (w)rest (w)retch (w)right (w)rite (w)rote so(w) beau(x) re(y) biz(z)


Unless noted otherwise, all words occur in Webster's Third New International

Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Springfield, MA, 1961.

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