Q: Homophones can be confusing when used to exemplify a letter. For example, "g as in gnu" or "k as in knot." Give one for each letter.

A as in ion (ayin) B as in dell (bdell-) (combining form) C as in teen (ctene) D as in gin (djin) E as in you (ewe) F as in phase (feeze) ('f' sound present) G as in new (gnu) H as in air (heir) I as in use (ius) J as in genie (jinni) ('j' sound present) J as in yuca (juca) ('yuca' is not common; variant spelling) J as in yodel (Jodl) (proper name) K as in newt (knout) L as in yareta (llareta) ('yareta' is not common; variant spelling) M as in nemic (mnemic) (contains m) N as in knitted (nitid) ('n' sound present) N as in dam (damn) (not first letter) O as in wed (oued) P as in sigh (psi) Q as in key (quay) ('q' sound present) Q as in gutter (Qatar) (proper name) Q as in chin (qian) (found only in CMU pronouncing dictionary) R as in wrath (rathe) ('r' sound present) S as in cedar (seeder) ('s' sound present) S as in czar (Saar) (proper name) T as in sign (tsine) U as in wang (uang) ('wang' is not common) U as in err (Ur) (proper name) V as in felt (veldt) W as in versed (werste) X as in jurel (xurel) ('jurel' is not common) Y as in the (ye) (variant spelling) Z as in sabra (zabra) ('sabra' is not common)

*** Unless noted otherwise, all words occur in Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Springfield, MA, 1961.

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