Q: "XS" is pronounced like "excess." For each starting letter, what is the longest such sequence?

A: True gramograms are hard to find. Here are a few:

aye-aye aitch a-be adey eydie asea asean agee eiji apiary a-sea acey eighty avey aviary eaddy eady easy eide aiello ivey ivie iwai eaux obie okay otey arey arrow arrowy bebe beebe beeby beady beedi beedie beedy bidi biagi biggio biasi byassee beatie beattie beatty beaty difm dibiase deedy didi deasy desio divi effie effy eckes excess ehle elle ehly elie elley ellie elly elio ellesse elgie elsey elsie elvie elvy ellzey elzey elzy emme emmi emmie emmy emigh ehmen empey empie emcee aine endy envy nyet ensey ayre eyre heir aerie aery airey airy arie eyrie aero arrow eroh herby urdy air-sea air tee esse essay essie esso sffed esselte smtih essary eskew espey espy estee estey esty jaye geac giesey gisi kaye quai kayo keio cady kady cayenne cagey cagy kagey kepi caissie casey katy cavey cavie cavy queue kuby peay pierre peaty peavey peavy peevey peevy peasey sieh seow seabee seedy sea air sea pea seavey sevy seiyu teepee tepee tipi tcas titi viau vieau viti vitiello veasey veazey veazie weide whitey eudy yuen eusebio

If we relax the conditions a bit, we can find
APREN apiarian BCYR beachwear CNUREL seigneurial DFRVS defervesce ESNFLS eosinophilous FRLT ephoralty GLOT gillotti HAVREA Echevarria IBREN Iberian JQZ jacuzzi KSES caseous LMNTRLE elementarily MNNC eminency NNCFLS anencephalous OBDNC obediency PNEL penial QRESET curiousity RTREOVNS arteriovenus SQLAPN Aesculapian TRCNTNEL tercentennial UROPN european VNER veneer WN doubloon XPDNC expediency YRLS wireless ZRFAJ xerophagia

**** Unless noted otherwise, all words occur in Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Springfield, MA, 1961.

see also entry "phonetic.letters"

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