Table Of Contents

WikiPlugin to create a dynamical Table Of Contents of all headers. Since v1.3.8


     <?plugin CreateToc ?>
     <?plugin CreateToc jshide||=1 with_toclink||=1 ?>

Plugin Arguments

jshide: Boolean if the TOC should be initially hidden and on click expanded. Default: 0
with_toclink: Boolean if headers should link back to the TOC. Default: 0
headers: Which headers to include. Default: !!!,!!,! 1,2,3 also allowed
noheader: Boolean if the "Table of Contents" h2 header should be omitted. Default: 0
liststyle: dl or ol or ul. Default: dl
indentstr: Default: &nbsp;&nbsp;
pagename: TOC of which page? Default: current pagename

Known Problems

If any header contains a link or a WikiWord or non-word characters, CreateToc will print a warning and refuse to link this header.


See for example PhpWikiDemo:en/TextFormattingRules

PhpWikiDocumentation WikiPlugin

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