Solution to Rubik's Clock

The solution to Rubik's Clock is very simple and the clock can be "worked" in 10-20 seconds once the solution is known.

In this description of how to solve the clock I will describe the different clocks as if they were on a map (e.g. N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW); this leaves the middle clock which I will just call M. To work the Rubik's clock choose one side to start from; it does not matter from which side you start. Your initial goal will be to align the N,S,E,W and M clocks. Use the following algorithm

to do this

1? Start with all buttons in the OUT position.

2? Choose a N,S,E,W clock that does not already have the

same time as M (i.e. not aligned with M).

3? Push in the closest two buttons to the clock you chose in 2?.

4? Using the knobs that are farest away from the clock you chose in

2? rotate the knob until M and the clock you chose are aligned. The time on the clocks at this point does not matter.

5? Go back to 1? until N,S,E,W and M are in alignment.

6? At this point N,S,E,W and M should all have the same time.

Make sure all buttons are out and rotate any knob until N,S,E,W and M are pointing to 12 oclock.

Now turn the puzzle over and repeat steps 1?-6? for this side. DO NOT turn any knobs other than the ones described in 1?-6?. If you have done this correctly then on both sides of the puzzle N,S,E,W and M will all be pointing to 12.

Now to align NE,SE,SW,NW. To finish the puzzle you only need to work from one side. Choose a side and use the following algorithm to align the


1? Start with all buttons OUT on the side you're working from.

2? Choose a corner that is not aligned.

3? Press the button closest to that corner in.

4? Using any knob except for that corner's knob rotate all the

clocks until they are in line with the corner clock. (Here "all the clocks" means N,S,E,W,M and any other clock that you have already aligned) There is no need at this point to return the clocks to 12 although if it is less confusing you can. Remember to return all buttons to their up position before you do so.

5? Return to 1? until all clocks are aligned.

6? With all buttons up rotate all the clocks to 12.

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