Karen Lingel, Physicist and Penguinist

Four men start out to cross the sea And yet they all walk different speeds! The first, a sprinter, he goes fast He leaves the others in the past! The second takes a bit more time think up a rhyme?] The third's a somewhat pokey man He strolls along, sees what he can. The last one is so very slow You'd think he had no place to go!

So now they come upon a bridge And on the other side -- a fridge! Well -- you know men -- they've gotta see What's inside the fridge to eat! One flashlight is the light they've got To guide them to the eating spot. The batteries will only last Seventeen minutes -- that's a fact. The bridge, alas, -- and here's the trap -- Is apparently a piece of crap.

So only two men at a time can cross the bridge -- or they'll sink in brine! How can they all then make the trip? And use the light so no one slips? Send the fast guys first across The fastest returns with little loss. The pokey ones are next to go While Fast Guy waits (they sure are slow) Then send the other fast guy back To get his friend and complete the pack.

And this rounds out, for all to see Another FAQ in poetry.

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