All the items in the first list share a particular attribute. The second list is of some items lacking the attribute.


with: battery, key, yeast, bookmark w/out: stapler, match, Rubik's cube, pill bottle


with: Rubik's cube, chess set, electrical wiring, compass needle w/out: clock, rope, tic-tac-toe, pencil sharpener

with: koosh, small intestine, Yorkshire Terrier, Christmas Tree w/out: toothbrush, oak chair, soccer ball, icicle

Points to realize: 1.

There may be exceptions to any item on the list, for instance a particular clock may share the properties of the 'with' list of problem two, BUT MOST ORDINARY clocks do not. All the properties apply the vast majority of the the items mentioned. Extraordinary exceptions should be ignored.


Pay the most attention to the 'with' list. The 'without' list is only present to eliminate various 'stupid' answers.

Attribute Solution

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