The anagrams listed below are divided between words and phrases, names and quotations. If known, the originator is given.

active volcanoes, the -> cones evict hot lava admirer -> married anagrams -> ars magna (Latin for `great art') angered -> enraged (Kenneth, 3 Jan 1899, "The Ardmore Puzzler") animosity -> is no amity antique furniture stores -> are in quest of utter ruins apt -> pat (King Carnival, 1905, Philadelphia "Telegraph") artesian wells, the -> water's in all these astronomers -> moon starers (Farmers Almanac, 1821, "The Enigma") astronomical observations -> to scan a visible star or moon belligerents -> rebelling set blandishment -> blinds the man (Kee Pon, Dec 1917, "The Enigma") butterfly -> flutter-by cabaret -> a bar, etc. (Hoho, Dec 1941, "The Enigma") cafeteria, the -> fact: I eat here (Travv, Sept 1976, "The Enigma") caste -> a sect census enumerators, the -> these surname counters christmas tree -> search, set, trim circumstantial evidence -> actual crime isn't evinced clothespins -> so let's pinch cockroach, the -> cook, catch her committees -> cost me time compassionateness -> stamps one as so nice compulsory education law, the -> you must learn; police do watch considerate -> care is noted contemplation -> on mental topic contradiction -> accord not in it (E. Tyron) conversation -> voices rant on (Sam Weller, Dec 1898) countryside, the -> no city dust here debit card -> bad credit (Mike Morton) debutantes -> bud at teens (?, 1925, "Real Puzzles") decimal point, a -> I'm a dot in place (A. Chem, Aug 1928, "The Enigma") declaration -> an oral edict delicatessen -> ensliced eats (Anonyme, Oct 1921, "The Enigma") desegregation -> Negroes get aid (Pacifico, July 1956, "The Enigma") desperation -> a rope ends it detectives, the -> detect thieves diplomacy -> mad policy (Jemand, Jan 1916, "The Enigma") domesticated animal, a -> docile, as a man tamed it dormitory -> dirty room (TH, 2 May 1899, "Complications," in "Inter-Ocean") earthquakes, the -> that queer shake eleven plus two -> twelve plus one endearment -> tender name (Jo Mullins, 23 Sep 1899, "The Ardmore Puzzler") evangelist -> evil's agent eyes, the -> they see (Anonyme, 15 Jan 1896, "The Oracle") families -> life's aim fragile -> e.g., frail (Hi Kerr, June 1926, "The Enigma") gentleman, a -> elegant man (Nypho, Aug 1911, "The Enigma") gold and silver -> grand old evils greyhound -> hey, dog, run! (King Carnival, Dec 1898, "The Enigma") hibernated -> bear hit den (Viking, Mar 1934, "The Enigma") hibernates -> the bear's in hospital ambulance, the -> a cab, I hustle to help man hypochondriac -> cry "ohh, Doc ... pain" (Wabbit, Feb 1990, "The Enigma") incomprehensible -> problem in Chinese (Gemini, July 1929, "The Enigma") inconsistent -> n is, n is not, etc. (Wrong Font, Dec 1943, "The Enigma") indomitableness -> endless ambition insurance policies -> coin is in sure place lawyers -> sly ware long distance telephones -> toll gained on speech sent lost paradise, the -> Earth's ideal spot married man, the -> I'm her darn mate maternity hospital, the -> type that mothers ail in midnight -> dim thing mother-in-law -> woman Hitler (Nypho, Apr 1936, "The Enigma") national legislators -> a long senatorial list negation -> get a "no" in (Yercas, Dec 1926, "The Enigma") nudist colony, the -> no untidy clothes (Ellsworth, Oct 1933, "The Enigma") old masters -> art's models (Traddles, Dec 1898, "The Enigma") one's birthday suit -> this nudity so bare ordained minister, an -> I ranted, "Admire no sin!" our father who art in heaven -> in woe, haven for a hurt heart parenthesis -> phrase set in pastorship -> parish post (Kea, Oct 1994, "The Enigma") pat -> tap paternal -> parental pittance -> a cent tip (Duke, June 1913, "The Enigma") point -> on tip prosecutors -> court posers protectionism -> nice to imports (Hercules, Feb 1928, "The Enigma") public art galleries, the -> large picture halls, I bet punishment -> nine thumps pyramids of Egypt, the -> thy prim tops defy age railroad train, the -> Hi! I rattle and roar received payment -> every cent paid me (D. C. Ver, 14 July 1897, "Golden Days") relief pitcher, the -> fierce hitter? help! (Larry, Nov 1974, "The Enigma") remuneration -> our man earn it routine -> I, one rut seclusion -> close us in semaphore -> see arm hop semolina -> is no meal sentence of death, a -> faces one at the end seraglios -> girl oases (Ab Struse, Apr 1979, "The Enigma") sexual intercourse -> relax, enjoy coitus (Dmitri Borgmann, May 1974, "Word Ways") shoplifter, a -> has to pilfer slotmachines -> cash lost in 'em snooze alarms -> Alas! No more z's soaring gun death -> a dangerous thing (Alan Stillson, May 2000) softheartedness -> often sheds tear s software -> swear of t statue of liberty -> built to stay free steward, a -> draws tea (Panache, July 1994, "The Enigma") stormy weather -> showery matter (Baful, July 1964, "The Enigma") stutterer, the -> utters "t-there" (Ulk, June 1992, "The Enigma") submarine -> buries man sunbathe -> heat buns (Double-H, Jan 1984, "The Enigma") tantrums -> must rant telephone girl, a -> repeating "hello" theological seminaries -> sole aim: teach religions therapeutics -> apt is the cure twinges -> we sting unconventionalities -> unite in novel actions (?, 1925, "Real Puzzles") upholsterers -> restore plush vacation times -> I'm not as active waitress -> a stew, Sir? (Osaple, July 1948, "The Enigma") wild oats -> sow it, lad (Remardo, Mar 1917, "The Enigma") the married man -> I'm her darn mate

Alec Guinness -> genuine class (Dick Cavett) Anu Garg's home page -> a huge rampage song (Shama & Saif Patel) Armageddon -> mad god near (Fanacro, Oct 1973, "The Enigma") Christianity -> charity's in it (ALS, 1 Aug 1905, "The Ardmore Puzzler") Clint Eastwood -> old west action Conservative Party, the -> teacher in vast poverty Declaration of Independence, the -> co-penned edict held a nation free Disraeli -> I lead, Sir. Edison Incandescent Light -> connected inside thin glass Encyclopaedia Britannica, the -> a dictionary can be elephantic Episcopalianism -> claim a pope is sin Florence Nightingale -> Flit on, cheering angel George Bush -> he bugs gore (Mike Morton) George Herbert Walker Bush -> huge berserk rebel warthog (Mike Morton) Great New York Rapid Transit Tunnel, the -> giant work in street, partly underneath H. M. S. Pinafore -> name for a ship (Mangie, Sept 1975, "The Enigma") Hilton, the -> hint: hotel Internet Anagram Server -> isn't re-arrangement rave? Leaning Tower of Pisa, the -> what a foreign stone pile! Leroy Newton Gingrich -> yon right-winger clone Mac-Donalds -> clam and sod Margaret Hilda Thatcher -> a girl; the arch mad hatter Margaret Hilda Thatcher -> high-tech armada rattler Margaret Thatcher -> A charm tart, get her! Margaret Thatcher -> that great charmer Martin Scorsese -> screen is a storm Mel Gibson -> big melons (Anagram Genius) Mel Gibson -> bong smile Mona Lisa, the -> a smile, no hat Morse Code, the -> here come dots Nancy Kerrigan -> grace 'n any rink (Tim De-Laney) Patrick Stewart -> a crap trek twist Presbyterian -> best in prayer ("the Masquerade", 1797-1802) Rocky Mountains -> O, man, ski country (Ruthless, Nov 1985, "The Enigma") Ronald Reagan -> a darn long era Ronald Wilson Reagan -> a long-insane warlord (Anagram Genius) Ronald Wilson Reagan -> insane Anglo warlord Ronald Wilson Reagan -> no, darlings, no ERA law (Mike Morton) Salman Rushdie -> read, shun Islam Secret Service of the United States, the -> these stout detectives ferret each sin Ten Commandments -> can't mend most men Tom Cruise -> so I'm cuter Tony Blair, MP -> I'm Tory plan B Tonya Harding -> do an angry hit (Tim De-Laney) Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea -> Huge water tale stuns. End had you tense. (E.L. Benfer) U.S. Grant, R.E. Lee-> true generals (Ulk, 1997, "The Enigma") United States Bureau of Fisheries, the -> I raise the bass to feed us in the future United States of America, the -> attaineth its cause, freedom U.S. Librart of Congress, the -> It's only for research bugs! Virginia Bottomley -> I'm an evil Tory bigot Washington crosses the Delaware -> he saw his ragged Continentals row Western Union -> no wire unsent William Clinton -> I'm it, an ill clown William Jefferson Clinton -> firm clean fellow. Joint? Sin! (William Schmidt) William Jefferson Clinton -> jail Mrs Clinton: felon wife (Ward Hardman)

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder." -> He wants back dearest gone from here. "Actions speak louder than words." -> Talk or airs cannot show up deeds. "A good name is better than great riches." -> Be not a hoarder; right acts gain esteem. "A rolling stone gathers no moss." -> Stroller on go, amasses nothing. "Just because some of us can read and write and do a little math, that doesn't mean we deserve to conquer the universe." -> A masquerade can co ver a sense of what is real to deceive us; to be unjaded and not lost, we must, then, determine truth. (Vonnegut, Cory Calhoun) "Many a true word is spoken in jest." -> Men joke and so win trusty praise. "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." Neil A. Armstrong -> A thin man ran; makes a large stride; left planet, pins fla g on moon! On to Mars! (Steve Krakowski) "The best things in life are free." -> Nail-biting refreshes the feet (Donald L. Holmes) "The check is in the mail." -> Claim "Heck, I sent it (heh)" "The end of the world is nigh!" -> Down this hole, frightened! (Donald L. Holmes) "To be or not to be: that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune." -> In one of the Bard's best-thought-of tragedies, our insistent hero, Hamlet, queries on two fronts about how life turns rotten. (Hamlet, Cory Calhoun) "Why shouldn't America go re-elect President Clinton in Ninety-Six?" -> He has a prime or cunning tendency to wildly solicit Internet sex. (Cory Calhoun)

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